Mar 1, 2016

Aerial Mapping Operational Team Member

J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd is looking to bring on a new team member.  We do not want an employee!  We are seeking an independent, free thinking, adventurous individual looking to expand their horizons.

We are looking for a person that will fit in with our company's culture. A person that enjoys challenges, is a real problem solver with creative solutions, and is not afraid of taking risks to achieve their goals.  Someone with a true entrepreneurial spirit that can see the future potential of UAVs in 3D spatial data collection.

Responsibilities will include all aspects associated with the deployment of UAVs for surveying and mapping, the construction, maintenance, and development of said UAVs, as well as the post processing and creation of leading edge 3D spatial products.  Meeting and communicating with customers is also mandatory.

The pay is poor, the hours long, field work is mandatory and bugs (both literal and figurative) are aplenty but the potential for future advancement and career development is great.

Applicants must be a Canadian citizen and have recently completed a post-secondary degree or diploma in a field beneficial to our company.

Applicants must be hardworking, physically fit for fieldwork and able to work long hours as required. Must learn new concepts quickly, be a skilled problem solver and a good communicator. Computer proficiency and a valid driver’s license are needed. 

Beneficial skills would include surveying, mapping, GIS, UAV or RC aircraft operation and construction, computer programming, marketing. 

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